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Advanced options

The H60 has a Serial console interface accessable from the USB port. Console command can also be run from H60 web interface (suport menu) but you will get no vsual response on commands. Baudrate 115200.

Warning: Never connect a computer to the USB at the same time as H60 is connected and powered from the heat pump. I could damage the heat pump, computer or interface .

Using the console the following commands can be used:

List all configurations, inclusive web password if you have forgotten it

CFG X=Y    
Configure a parameter on H60 where X=Configuration parameter and
Y=value. For example CFG WIFI_SSID=abc.

Displays the status if the device. Like Uptime and connection status.

Displays statistics since started.

Lists current heat pump values (Temperatures, etc)

Restart the H60

Show content in the debug log.

Show the log from latest startup.

Gateways the console direct to the H1 heat pump interface serial communications and disable the H60 engine. Use H1 commands directly and receive raw responses from H1.

All command that starts with X will be sent to the built in H1 interface.
For example XR, XP or XL.
See H1 development manual for H1 commands and information

Load factory default config

Force MQTT client to connect to server, not waitng for timers.

Check available memory

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