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Athom Homey App

Husdata has an app for Homey named Husdata

The setup is very simple.
First make sure your H60 has the latest firmware. Login to the web portal and check/update via the Support menu.

Next, enable the RestAPI on your H60. Access it’s web portal and set API_ENABLED to 1 to allow the Homey app to read data, or set it to 2 to allow Homey app to change heat pump settings. 

Start the Homey app, go to Devices  and search for the Husdata App.
Select the device H60 and Install the app. At installation your H60 should be discovered and it’s IP shown. Select the discovered unit and select ”next>”

Now installation is done. Select the App by holding you finger in it for one second. The first screen is the setting for indoor temperature. Slide Left to view all other parameters.

We recommend you to access the App setting and give it a friendly name such as My IVT, Bosch, Thermia, NIBE or what ever pump brand/model you have.

Now you can use the heat pump data to build smart flows or us Insights for operations analyses-

For example: When: Additional heater changes, And: Logic, additional heater greater than 0: Then create notification or speak out the Additional heating lever in percent.

Other example is of course to add a flow to be notified on pump alarms or when it is too large delta on brine or heat carriers. 

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