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IVT Rego 6xx questions

Why does some sensors show -48.30 degrees

If a sensor is not connected it will show up as -48.30c. 
This is common for 0002 (Radiator Forward), 000A (Warm water GT3x external tank), 0008 (Indoor sensor)
You can install those sensors to your pump to get out more info. If you for example add a sensor for 000A it doesent have to be used for Warm water, you can use for Pool temp or other temp you like to get into H60 and your solution. In that case it is important NOT to accept the new sensor in Rego600 service menus, so it will be part of regulations.


Which version of Rego 600 is supported

Version 2.26 and later are supported. You can check version by holding the mid button for 5 sec. If nothing is displayed, the version is too old. You cannot update the Rego 600 to later version as it it is also a hardware difference allowing it to communicate. The whole unit has to be replaced.

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