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10 Rego2000/3000 IVT


IDX Name Description
0002 Radiator forward

Temperature water feed out to radiators

0003 Heat carrier return Temperature HP internal heat carrier return.
0004 Heat carrier forward Temperature HP internal heat supply forward
0005 Brine in/Evaporator Temperature Supply in from ground source for L/W pumps, Evaporator for A/W & E/W pumps.
0006 Brine out/Condenser Temperature Supply out to ground source for L/W pumps, Condenser  for A/W & E/W pumps.
0007 Outdoor Temperature of Outdoor sensor
0008 Indoor Temperature of cable connected indoor sensor if installed
0021 Indoor 2 Temperature of wireless indoor sensor if installed
0009 Warm water Top Temperature of warm water tank, top sensor
000A Warm water Mid Temperature of warm water tank, mid sensor
000B Hot Gas Temperature of Hot gas from compressor before expansion valve
000C Suction Gas Temperature if Suction gas after expansion valve
000E Air intake Temperature if Air Intake för E/W pumps
0020 Radiator forward 2 Temperature feed to radiators for heat circuit 2 if installed
0011 Pool Temperature if Pool if installed
3109 Circ pump speed Percentage of variable speed for circulation pump
3110 Brine pump speed Percentage of variable speed for Brine pump (L/W pumps only)
9108 Compressor speed Kilowatt usage of variable compressor operations
3108 Compressor speed Percentage speed of variable compressor operations
0107 Heating setpoint  

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