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10 Rego 2000/3000: IVT, Bosch 2013-current

Install instructions for the IVT Geo XXX, Air X, Vent 202, Airbox and Bosch Compress 7000 LWM and AW systems.

Thank you for purchasing our interfacing solution for IVT/Bosch heat pumps. The interface is easy to install.

  • Power down the heat pump and open the front cover
  • Locate the 3,mm socket service connector.
    It can be traced by following the cable connected to the white terminal 23, 24 and 25 on the installer module marked with BBT.
  • Connect the cable with the 3,5mm plug from the interface to the service connector.
  • Plug in the interface module to the H60
  • Close the front cover of heatpump and power it up

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