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Scheduler (H66)

The Scheduler function in H66 provides a way to automate settings changes on the heat pump based on time of day.

For example it could be used to adjust temperatures  och block Additional Electrical heater certain time of day.

First, ENABLE the Scheduler in the General settings, Set SCHEDULER=1

The Scheduler configuration interface can be found in the Config page, last on the page.
Up to 16 scheduled tasks can be configured.

To configure click on the number of an empty slot or one you like to modify.
1. From the Drop down list, select which variable to modify
2. Enter time in format HH:MM, Example 01:30
3. Enter the value to set
4. Select to enable



It is ok to set multiple scheduled changes at the same time, they will be executed after each other.

Pleas follow up in the LOG of the scheduler was running as plenned.

To turn of the whole function, just set SCHEDULE=0 in the general Config


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