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Most common faults are caused by bad Wi-Fi signal. Please verify that you have good Wi-Fi signal at the heat pump location using your mobile. Try to relocate H60 and keep it away from metal and cables. In worst case you may have to buy a Wi-Fi extender unit to amplify the signal.

Troubleshooting using LED:s

Normal start up sequence (after reset) Green LED statuses

.     .     .     .     One flash: Connecting to Wi-Fi
..    ..    ..    ..    Two flashes: Wi-Fi ok, Connecting to Heat Pump
…   …   …   …   Three flashes: Wi-Fi and HP ok, Connecting to Husdata Online

__  __  __  __     Slow flashing: All initiated and OK, Normal operations.
…………………   Fast flashing : Access Point Mode.
_____________  Fixed light: Initializing heatpump (short period at first start)

Initialisation should not take more than one minute

Trouble Green LED status

By verifying the start sequence described above you can find out if the H60 get stuck on some initialisation step.

Please always verify that you have good Wi-Fi signal the location.

Repeat the Installation procedure and verify that you have given the right Wi-Fi credentials (SSID and password). See “factory reset” below on how to restart the wifi-setup procedure.

Check connections to heat pump. Go through the installation manual for your heat pump again.

Login to the H60 web interface and view the log for more information.

Red led

Irregular flashing is normal when communicating with heat pump.

Dark, fixed light or repeating fast-blink-dark, fast-blink-dark indicate something is wrong. However the led can have a fixed light for short periods while initializing.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten the password for the weblogin you could either do a factory reset or connect the unit to your computer using an USB cable. Disconnect from heat pump first. See Advanced section for further instructions.

Factory reset.

If you like to start over from beginning, hold the Init button for 8 seconds and H60 will load factory default values.

Troubleshooting using Email and H60 web portal

If you entered your email address at the installation, H60 will send you a mail every time it starts up. The email can of course only be sent if the Wi-Fi connection is working properly.

The mail contains a link to the local H60 web portal for additional configuration and troubleshooting.

When accessing the H60 web portal you can view error messages in the LOG menu. Using the SUPPORT page you can send a ticket to Husdata for further assistance.

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