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Geo/Vent/AirX: Rego2000, ProControl 600

Interface install instructions for the H1-E interface for the IVT Geo312C, Air X, Vent 202, Airbox and Bosch Compress 7000 LWM and AW systems .

Thank you for purchasing our interfacing solution for IVT/Bosch heat pumps. The interface is easy to install and supports upgradable firmware to enable for coming features.

  1. Power down the heat pump and open the front cover
  2. Locate the Service connector.
    It is a Cable ending with a 3,5 mm socket. It can be traced by following the cable connected to the white terminal 23, 24 and 25 on the installer module marked with BBT.
  • Connect the cable with the 3,5mm plug from the interface to the service connector.
  • Close the front cover of heatpump and power it up.
  1. If using computer based interface with StatLink software: Connect the interface to your computer, Install and start StatLink and in the setting, select Heatpump ”Rego2000 A/W” or ”Rego 2000 L/W” and interface ”H1”.
  2. If using the H50 product: Plug in network and power and login to the online portal and see if data is visible within 5 minutes. Make sure the correct heat pump model is selected under settings in the online portal.

At the interface…
The with LED on interface should flash irregular at normal operation.
Check that you have selected the correct COM port on you computer for StatLink.

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