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Optima, Premiumline X Rego 800

Interface install instructions for the H1-C8 interface for IVT Optima- 290 A/W and Premiumline X15/X11 heat pumps with the Rego800 controller.

Thank you for purchasing our solution for IVT / Bosch / Buderus / Junkers heat pumps using the H1 interface. This interface is easy to install and supports upgradable firmware to enable for coming features. If you use StatLink, the settings for the interface should be ”H1” and ”Optima” or ”Premiumline”.

Steps to install interface

  1. Power down the heat pump and open the front cover and the cover for the electrical parts.
  2. Remove the cover of the electronic box.
  3. Locate a free can bus connector and connect as pictured below.
  4. Power up the heat pump.

Correct behaviour
At power up of heat pump the LED flashes 12 times and then irregular for 6 seconds, Then LED lit continuously for about 8-15 seconds. After that it should flash irregular and fast continuously.

Failing behaviour
LED flashes 12 times and then stops for 1 second, and repeat again
(The firmware is missing, interface is in boot loader status, try to upgrade interface using StatLink)

LED flashes 12 times and then stops for 6 second, and repeat again
(The interface cannot communicate with CAN bus correctly, check connections to heat pump)

LED is not lighting up. (No power to interface or broken interface)

How can we help?