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F-Series, EB100

Interface install instructions for the H1-N interface for NIBE F1145 and F1245 heatpumps.

Thank you for purchasing our solution for NIBE heatpumps including the H1 interface. This interace is easy to install and supports upgradable firmware to enable for coming features.

1. Start with upgrading your heat pump firmware to the latest version. The firmware is downloadable from NIBE’s homepage, http://www.nibe.se.
Please make sure you have a later version then 1768. Follow the instructions from NIBE to perform the upgrade. An USB flash disk will be needed.

2. Power down the heatpump and open the front

3. Locate the Input card and open the plastic cover.


4. Connect the interface cable to the terminal as follows.
Please make sure that not the accesories MODBUS-40 or RMU-40 is connected to the same plint.

9. Black
10. Blue (or green)
11. Yellow
12. Red

To be able to push in the cable in the plint, you must open the connector plint by pushing a small flat screwdriver in the slot and bend gently.


5. Connect the interface to your computers serial port.

6. Power up the heatpump

7. On the heatpump display, enter the service menu by holding the ”back” button for 7 seconds.
A service menu icon will be shown on the display.
Select the Service icon and press OK to enter the service menu.

8. Select the second alternative from the top, Menu 5.2.
Scroll in the list and activate ”MODBUS”. Please note that once MODBUS is activated, the heatpump will alarm if the interface is not connected.
If the heatpump alarms, warm water production may be halted. Please make sure that there is no alarms after installation (green light)


9. Start StatLink and select Heatpump ”Nibe xx45” and interface ”H1”

10. Please check that your heatpump does not alarm (Modbus comm alarm) a few hours or days after installation to ensure proper operation.
If there is an alarm, please reset it by scrolling to the Alarm icon and make sure it does not alarm again immedialtely.

At the interface…
The LED on interface should flash two short blinks every second at normal operation.
Check that you have selected the correct COM port on you computer for StatLink.

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